Did you know that you can re-grow celery?

I always knew you could do it with green onions, but I had never tried with celery.

Why keep buying it when you can grow it with what you buy from the grocery store?

Here’s what you do:

Soak the end of the celery (the part you usually throw away) in luke-warm water and place in a bright, sunny spot. Let it soak for a few days, changing out the water every couple of days. 

After what took me 7 days, I had what you see pictured; little baby leaves starting to grow from the center, while the edges that were cut and used were starting to dry out.

Then it was time to plant! I used a couple of empty mason jars I had with broken terra-cotta pieces at the bottom (to absorb excess water and so I could tell if I was over-watering), and planted my celery in these. I then took soil and covered the cut parts so that only the new leafy greens were popping out of the soil. I watered my little babies well and put them back in the window sill.

I’ll keep you posted on their progress!

I wonder if this works with romaine lettuce? I’m giving it a try!