Ice Cube Garden!

I’ve been seeing a lot of flavored ice cubes on the internet lately, so I thought I’d share a little idea I had!  I couldn’t decide what flavor I wanted to fill my ice cube tray with because I had seen so many ideas! My ice cube tray has 3 rows of 5, which reminds me of a vegetable garden… which led me to think, “what if I did 3 different flavors and labeled them like a mini garden?”

So that’s what I did! One tray, 3 flavors.

My first flavor is Blueberry Green Tea. I brewed some strong green tea, mixed in a little sweetener and muddled some blueberries in it. I put a few blueberries in each well, and then filled each with my Green Tea mixture. When I want iced green tea, I have the perfect ice cubes for it!

The second row is plain water with tiny wedges of lime in each one. I sliced my limes smaller than usual, so they would fit in my tray. I always like sparkling water with lime, and these lime ice cubes are perfect for it!

In my third row is not something I would put into a drink, but rather something I would cook with. I harvested some fresh basil from my (indoor) garden, loosely chopped it and filled the remaining wells, topped off with olive oil. Perfect for keeping my fresh herbs a little longer and maybe prefect for impromptu pesto?? I’ve yet to do it, but I’m excited to try!

It’s important to remember not to fill your tray too full! It might be pretty awful to have olive oil mixed in with your blueberry green tea…

What flavors are in your garden?