Oh man, has it been a while! Here are some photos of the things that have kept me busy over the past several months!

1. Finished homemade vanilla extract, bottled and labeled.

2. Duct tape wallet

3. Stuffed felt lion head, mounted

4. String/nail art

5. A sailor knot keychain

6. Decorated Jawbone Up band

7. Mini chalk board

8. Painted bottle to create a bud vase.

I’m going to try to update more often, and post some tutorials, too!

Old Town California State Fair 2012

Have you ever noticed that when you travel or visit a new city, you notice everything - the smells, tastes, the environment around you, the sounds of the city? Yet when we are “home” we get caught up in routines and tasks, and forget to be present in the moment. I believe it is important to be a tourist in your own city for a couple of reasons; first, it’s boredom relief. Second, it allows you to pay attention, be present, and fall in love with your city all over again. 

This week, I played tourist by visiting Old Town Sacramento and the California State Fair. I ate good food, including caramel gelato and deep-fried grilled-cheese (!!!!), I spent time outdoors with family and friends, and I laughed a lot. It reminded me why I like living here. Took a few photos while I was at it, too. :)

Handlebar Bag! My best friend, Nicole, asked me to make her something that she could hang on her bicycle and would carry her cellphone, wallet, and keys. This is what I came up with for her! It’s a little lined bag, maybe about 8 x 7 x 3 inches. It attaches to a bicycle’s handlebars via Velcro. I didn’t use a pattern, so I will try to create one and post it later…. That’s the trouble with making things on the fly! I hope she likes it!

Mini chalk board!

I made one of these for myself when I moved last year, and found my supplies hidden away in my craft bag. I thought I’d share how I did it!

To make one for yourself, you’ll need:
- Chalkboard contact paper (or chalkboard paint)
- Wood plaque
- Self-leveling sawtooth picture hanger
- Scissors
- Small hammer
- Optional: ribbon, paint, stickers or other decorations

Since I used chalkboard contact paper instead of paint, I first had to trim the paper to fit the inside of the plaque. I found it to be easiest to use the sharp edges of the wood to crease my paper and use as a guide to cut. Once trimmed, I affixed the paper to my plaque using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Next, I added my decorative elements: painted the edges, added my washi tape.

When I was satisfied with the way my chalkboard looked, I attached the sawtooth hanger to the back so I could hang it. The ones I used came with tiny finishing nails.

Done! I tied a ribbon to mine to hang on my closet door, but that’s it!

Let me know how yours turn out!